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March 6, 2023

Visit Our Animal Conservation Hotel in Khaolak

More and more travelers are interested in finding out about the wildlife conservation efforts in the places they visit. Eco-tourism is becoming a growing trend that’s only likely to increase as consciousness is raised through social media and educational efforts. Families, couples, and groups are eager to explore everything that eco-tourism has to offer.

Travelers want to support countries that are active in animal and wildlife conservation efforts. Happily, when you book a stay at Khaolak Merlin Resort’s hotel you get to see firsthand the level of commitment towards animal conservation shown by the people of Thailand.

Our resort hotel is located along the beach in the Khaolak area of Thailand, just north of Phuket. We work with and support local flora and fauna conservation communities engaged in conserving the beautiful animals, trees, and oceans that are part of life in Khaolak.


Partnering with Thailand’s Conservation Organisations

The Khaolak Merlin Resort works in partnership with local conservation organisations, including Big Trees Project and Love Wildlife Foundation, Thailand. These are just some of the many wildlife conservation efforts ongoing in Thailand. 

Perhaps the most visible efforts have come from the many elephant sanctuaries in the country that have been established to help and rehabilitate both tame and wild elephants. But the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, and the Sea Turtle Conservation Center are also great examples of the dedication to wildlife in the country.

At Khaolak Merlin Resort, we have been proactive in conserving our beautiful surroundings. The resort has an extensive water conservation and treatment system that allows for the reuse of water for the extensive trees, foliage, and canals within the resort.

By partnering with two local wildlife organisations, our staff have also been able to conduct a thorough survey of the flora and fauna species within the resort grounds. We’ve found over 150 animal species flourishing among the resort.


Exploring the Natural World Around Us

Our resort is designed to make you more aware and appreciative of the natural world around us. We are an active part of the conservation community in Thailand and have regular programmes and ongoing activities, which we invite and encourage all our guests to take part in.

Being located right on the beach enables guests to learn more about conserving the oceans and marine life. The Khaolak area is a known breeding ground for sea turtles. The Green Turtle, Hawksbill Turtle, and Olive Ridley Turtle regularly make their nests along the wide sands of Khaolak’s beaches. The massive and majestic Leatherback Turtle, which has been endangered since 1970, makes the Andaman coast its breeding ground exclusively.

To encourage the turtle’s nesting habits in hopes of increasing their population, the local community organised the ‘Trash Hero’ drive to clean up the beaches. Sea turtles prefer nesting on clean beaches free of plastic and other refuse. By cleaning the beaches, the community played a part in saving these species from extinction.

There is even a turtle nursery along a stretch of beachfront in Khaolak. The Royal Navy Third Fleet Turtle Nursery is maintained and protected by Thailand’s Royal Navy with the aim of increasing the world’s sea turtle population. The Khaolak Merlin Resort encourages our guests to learn more about the turtle conservation work of the Navy and local community.

Booking a holiday at Khaolak Merlin Resort hotel is a great way to get the whole family enthused about animal conservation in Thailand and beyond. It’s a haven where you can enjoy relaxing days around the pools, tropical gardens, and the resort’s stunning beach. For a fun and educational family holiday, book a stay at Khaolak Merlin Resort today.


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